Monday, June 30, 2008

Cry baby...

I think now i'm too dependent!However I don't really depend on everyone but only to some people,yeah that one PERSON!I think i said this before,i used to be very independent,at least the most independent one among my siblings.but look at me now,a clerk in the treasury/dean office can cause me to shed tears.such a cry baby i am!!!gediks okkkk,eeeiiiyuuu soooo not me but unfortunately that's the new me.Should i blame him?hehehehehe...not only that,now i can no longer eat or go anywhere alone.Well,not that i can't but it's just that I no longer feel comfortable walking/eating alone like last time that I always need someone to accompany me.Last time i used to go jalan2 alone.I went to KLCC or midvalley alone and I can jln2 for few hours!
When i become a wife & mother,i do not want to be the manja kind of woman who rely too much on the husband.but of course not too independent that the husband become dependent and can't make any decision.Well,knowing him (assuming that i marry him,not assuming but praying that i will marry him!),he's definitely not the dependent type of person that sometimes I think he has the tendency to be the domineering type.and guess what,that was my mom's first impression of him!If i continue to be like this,when i get married,I think I will have no say!

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