Friday, July 18, 2008

to judge or not to judge...?

Why i do not want reveal my identity here and do not want those who know me to find out about this blog?The reason is mainly because I do not want any of the character mentioned in this blog to be judged!That's all.Well,kalau perasan,ada beberapa or mungkin satu character yg di-mention dlm blog ini dalam bentuk yg agak negatif!tp sentiasa ingat,jgn buat any conclusion berdasarkan kenyataan perempuan yg sedang marah!I have always wanted to delete certain entries every time i read my blog as i thought i'm exaggerating.But if delete,then what's the point of having a blog,rite?so ble org yg kenal i baca my exaggerations,they may tend to judge the person that being described in this blog and i will not be happy with that.Well i would say that all the characters mentioned,are those whom i love dearly.Those are the important person in my life and thats the reason why their reaction/acts/behavior really affects me emotionally.maybe except for the comm of of oaths,my interviewer,clerk dean/treasury office and etc la kannn.
And of course i myself do not want to be judged too!Maybe the identity i created here is not myself.Well, me being a fickle minded person,my style of writing might change depending on my mood and some other external influences such as some other blogs.And this is the reason why i just could not understand how some people can go to some blogs and make nasty comments to the blog owners.How can you judge a person by his/her blog?you hardly know them.Well even if you know that person,you don't have the right to judge that person esp bout his/her personal stuff.

Yesterday my labmate was searching for my blog.She caught a glimpse of my blog and the moment i realize that i quickly closed it.And now she's tracking down my blog.hehehehe will you succeed Wxxxx?we'll see bout that.
So if any of you who know me happen to find this blog,satu je nk pesan...if you want to judge me,go ahead but just don't judge any of the person mentioned here.that's all!

ok now i think i'm exaggerating again.dalam blog nih takde laaa ape sgt kan?tak de laaa sampai rahsia bilik tidur and stuff like sume kan?kan?kan?

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hai sha..the reason why we have a blog is to lepaskan perasaan. Pedulikan org lain k...