Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm broke...

okay here's the situation;

I applied for the scholarship last November.It was stated in the form that application considered fail if applicant do not receive any feedback after 3 months from the closing date.The closing date was 30th November.
Until February,I still haven't receive any feedback and and had called them.I was told that they had not process the applications as their system got hacked
I was called to attend the interview on April
On june i got the offer letter
I'm suppose to sign an agreement before they can bank in the money but until now they have not send it
I called them up this morning and was told that they have not start sending the agreement and....that will take another 2 weeks..ok lahh kan...guess what?the money will be banked in 3 months after signing the agreement!so now tell me how *&^%$$%^^&***& that is!!!!don't they know that i'm a pauper already?

Today my motivational level is so low that it's touching the ground but it's not all because of the money...

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