Thursday, August 14, 2008

Im just too sick....*&%$ please stop it!!!!!!!!

I don't to care but i guess i still care because right now i'm having this funny feeling inside!padahal by right i should get used to it.come on laaa i've been facing bende2 mcm nih dari mula bergaul dgn org luar and mula faham bahasa,meaning mula paham apa yg org kata!so basically dr umur i 4-5 tahun la until now masih blum really bleh bt selamba,susah org2 nih sume tak penah tau.tambahan zaman kecik2 dulu lg la macam2 tp people don't understand only family jelah yg faham sbb each and everyone of us sure wajib kne.padahal bkn ape pon!i malas nk crite lah tp if pikir balik,mmg sgt tak fair and if ikutkan hati i just want to curse them!mmg tak fair sbbnye i tak penah kacau org2 nih and apalagi menyakitkan hati dorang but why u have to sakitkan hati i sesakit-sakitnya and do u have any idea how does it feels?yeah,u don't know sbb u tak perasan pon yg i terasa or sakit hati or makan can u sleep at night when ada org yg menangis,hilang self-esteem,hate themself and feel inferior sbb
u?if u tak puas hati or rasa pelik sgt,go and ask GOD lah!it's a very sensitive issue and so i think i shouldn't further comment about this.but to those people nih why can't u be a bit sensitive towards other people's feelings?after all,some of them nih bkn calang2 org kan?bijak pandai,professional,alim,warak,doctor,lawyer,professor,engineer,
cleaner,janitor,driver,ustazah,ustaz,cakap je,sume i dah kne!so why cant u guna kelebihan/kepakaran anda bukan sahaja dalam perkara berkaitan your field je tp untuk create suatu pemikiran yg lebih open.dan before u can do that,please define 'open-minded' appropriately.ramai org yg claim themself open-minded tp adakah mereka btul open-minded?
~some people are too open-minded that their brains fall out!~

u don't have to go clubbing,reveal as many flesh,drink,smoke,practice pre-marital sex and etc to become an open-minded me, from the word open-minded tu u dah bleh define your mind to as many thing as possible but not necessarily u have to accept everything.brape ramai yg claim themself open-minded padahal punyelah kuat meng-judge org lain dan kehidupan org lain.brape ramai drp golongan yg so-called open minded ni yg tak bleh terima org yg lain daripada mereka.klau dorang open-minded sgt,then i don't have to through this fucking hell dulu and now,okkk...i think the bottom line is don't be judgmental and of course jgn lah sesekali bias!if anda bias,don't ever call yourself an open-minded person!

mungkin u all tak perasan sbb to u all it's nothing but u all do not know what damage u all had caused.why make my life miserable sbb something yg i can never change?yes something yg mmg sama skali tak boleh diubah walau bt ape sekali pon!physical takde hal,bleh ubah punye tp ini mmg tak bleh ubah!so tell me now is this fair?tell me!!!lagi susah nk terima bile org2 ni adalah dari kalangan org2 yg i look up upon.org2 yg i respect akan kepakaran/kelebihan mereka...susah nk terima...sgt susah nk terima!tp takpelah,at least sy tak sakitkan hati org lain...and i still respect them lah sbb walaupon bende ni agak menggangu emosi tp ia still adalah something yg petty!mungkin jugak wpon slalu kne berdepan dgn situasi mcm nih tp GOD IS GREAT!!sbbnye perasaan down/sakit hati tu tak lama...

but then,sometimes i just feel like migrating!!!

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