Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's getting harder and harder to breathe!

A friend of mine asked me a question that actually made my heart to stop beating for a few minutes.She asked me about that &*^+%$#@##$%$%^ someone from the past.Yeah that someone who make my life miserable!He is just a proof my of silliness!It took me sometime before i can recall what had happened in the past.I actually made a few attempts to write an entry about him but i just can't publish it.After that few attempts,i had decided that his character will never be mentioned in my blog until just now!I guess it's because the phobia is still in me.How can i not be phobia to someone who actually stalked on me,threatened me,fooled me,psycho me,tarnished my image/name?He had done a lot of damage to me but it was all because of my silliness.Yes,that's how i want to put it,i don't want to blame anyone but i must admit he was a nightmare.It feels like being stabbed,i dunno...my chest is just so painful and it is so difficult to breathe now...

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