Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's mantra; I AM BRIGHT AND SHINY!!!!!heeeeeeee

  • Labwork still not giving me the expected result
  • Labwork just give me shits and never result!
  • i haven't got the antibiotic and so i cannot proceed with my jinxed labwork
  • supervisors are asking for results and as usual nothing to show them.cloning sucks!!!
  • People are going to the moon already and i'm still stuck here.My labmate won a gold medal in quite a prestigious conference,the other one going to present in an international conference and others are progressing
  • My other half is in US now and his team is now an official team of xxx.His face now terpampang in xxx official website.He's really going to the moon and again,i'm still stuck here
  • I received the scholarship agreement and i have to spend about RM150 for the stamp and med check-up
  • It was stated in the agreement that i'm not suppose to work and that makes wonder whether being an agent considered working
  • i'm confused whether to proceed with this part time work of mine or not since by right,i'm not supposed to
  • my labmate accidentally told my supervisor that i'm an agent and he gave a look which make me feel uneasy,uncomfortable,worried,scared,_____________(feel free to fill in the blanks with other negative feelings)
  • until today, i only manage to get two clients and both of them had only invested the min amount so when can i have my own car?next millennium?
  • my parents are too old to work their *tooooot* off to support us and so it should now be my responsibility.but two clients with min investment amount?what the *toooooooot*??!!

but i'm goooood,i'm okay!i am fineeeeee!!!!I AM BRIGHT AND SHINY!!!!!

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