Monday, October 6, 2008

trying very hard to make this butt stick on the chair...

I was so miserable this morning but thanks to the weather, i am feeling better now. Rain really has some kind of positive effect towards my mood.This morning i was determined to give up my research but right now all i want is to finish it by the end of this year.I will decide what to do next once i got the result because i feel that things will get clearer when i have some result in hand.
I am pretty sure he's very busy now attending conference,workshop and meeting people and i hope he will be missing me as much as i miss him.
i just cannot make my buttock stick any longer on this chair here in this lab.I just want to leave the lab now but then wouldn't it be inappropriate to leave the lab when your supervisors are in,right?However,to be honest it's their presence that make me want to leave the lab.I am not having any problem with them but i just couldn't face them,not without any result in hand!

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