Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

Today is Mother's day!I haven't wish my mom.This mother's day wishing thing is not our culture but I think we are still a happy family.Well not that i'm saying that this mother's day is not important but it's just that my mom is not the type of person who expect her children to wish her, happy birthday,happy mother's day or stuff like that.Just bring her back a good result and she'll be A okay!but we don't do that often,sigh!
Ok so this morning my other half called me and asked me to call his mom and i was like "why?, what for?".silly me!!!I had totally forgotten that today is mother's day the idea of wishing his mom never cross my mind!And probably the reason why bf wants me to wish his mother was because his brother's gf had called his mom earlier to wish her.And so i called his mom and our conversation only lasted for ,hmmm let me recall...5 seconds?arghhhh i feel terrible!!!i dunno..i feel silly,stupid,arghhh...and i also feel that she doesn't like moi!!!She don't know what to say and i don't what to say.I don't know why people are always not comfortable with me,always think that I'm a snobbish person.Maybe i am or maybe conversation,speech,talk,socializing is just not what i'm good in.and ohhh dearie me!do i have to compete with my bf's brother's gf to win his mother's heart?Noooooo...this is why marriage institution sometimes scares me!there are too many issues,things and people to take into account.I really need some advice on how to enhance my relationship with my future mother in-law!

to my beloved mother;

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