Friday, May 30, 2008

Mr Hyde is back!

Semenjak balik dr france nih my bf horny memanjang dan mula mencari pasal dgn i.tak tau ape yg die nampak kt france tu!mula balik meyakitkan hati i dgn mengungkit crite lama dalam cara yg menyakitkan,melukakan & mematahkan hati.That one week in France had turned him into Mr Hyde again after so long being Dr Jekyll.I just hate Mr Hyde!I cannot turn back and so I cannot change the past.Thus i want to accept the past and change the future but raving up the past in a sarcastic and heartbreaking manner is not going to help.Sgt tak larat nk gaduh2 nih...and die expect i cool down in 2 seconds!Petang smalam punyelaa beriya2 bg ceramah motivasi kt i pasal positive thinking laa achieving life goal laa ape laa and then malam trus bt perangai!dulu mmg i banyak bt salah tp now i rasa i dah bt my level best and i do it because i want to and so he don't have to raise the issue about me getting bored of him or me being forced to be with him.I have the choice and this is my choice,to love him and to be with him!when i thought my life is sailing smoothly,the wave came to attack and now i'm drowning...

Lepas tu pulak,dah penat2 td aku anto kt die sms2 berayat drama,bleh la plak die reply "syg, r u there?" as if aku plak yg tak reply sms die..oohhh apakah?ni membuatkan aku rasa nk tonyoh je hidung die yg mcm belatuk tuh!pastu br ni,baru kejap ni,bleh plak die miskol...bkn call tp miskol,bolehkah?so now i think i should scroll down to this.

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