Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Arghhhh tension betol laaa...
td i berbangga sbb dpt membetulkan bende tu sbb mmg dah a few days that thing cannot be ble dpt fixed that thing i pun sgt kembanglah tp i tak perasan yg tertukar the anode and the cathode so bende tu run backward...leboh my samples!!!eeeeiii sakit hati betul ler!!!

starting from today onwards,i do not want to waste my time anymore!i taknak bt bende2 tak berfaedah ni.takmo...takmo...takmo...takmo...takmo!!!!!and this include cutting down on the hours spend to hope from one blog to now i nk pegi prepare for my presentation and progress report...dahla kt xxxx harini takde air!hish susah betoi laaa...wish we don't have to depend solely on xxxxx.susah...sgt memenatkan...kesian my parents!!!!

My bf was so excited yesterday.die dah dpt his own office and phone line sendiri. tp ia tak dipanggil office but incubator!!!tak penah dibuat xxxxx dpt own office...ntahhh..good for him...nway i'm happy for him...and die pun dah dpt immunity dr Vx,so sape2 tak bleh kacau him and this include his xxxN!

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