Friday, April 18, 2008

Lunch hour crap...

Here, in this virtual world,it seems like there are so many interesting people.Those who are very weird,lead a very so-called interesting life, have their own principles and very firm with their so-called philosophies,have their own witty opinion/thoughts,workaholics and etc.They give us an impression that they are a superior through their writing but can they maintain they superiority in reality?We are here to impress others.Some try to impress their parents,spouse,boss,customers,children and etc.For those who believe the existence of GOD will try to impress god!Our main objective here is to impress!We wake up every morning to impress someone.Maybe it's because we do not know how we come about,we don't know why we're here and we never have the chance to choose to be here or not to be here.We were born here so here we live.No decision to be made on where to live but there are too many decision to be made on our fated life...we cant choose our parents...we can't choose our fate...Are we here by chance?where are we now if the Big Bang never occur?

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