Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Petty Quarrel...

My parents were not in talking terms since last friday.Friday is their most hectic day and most of the time any quarrel among them will start on this day.These past few days my mum was expressing her resentment about how selfish my dad is and how much she had sacrifice for him and yada yada yada."it was all because of symphathy and not love!" she said.My dad on the other hand was telling me that he could no longer tolerate my mum's demeanor,the shouts and yells!Well to others those statements might give an impression that it is very serious but knowing them very well,we just go oohh,uh-uh,haah,really?,yelah,hmmm,tulah, everytime they complain to us.That's because they will definitely end the complains/conversation with..."you see,i'm not trying to talk bad about your father/mother!he/she had sacrifice a lot for you and no matter what you have to respect them and yada yada yada...now we can smell the sense of guilt!(and i thank ALLAH that they don't really mean it but just say whatever they want out of anger!)Furthermore,there's no point backing anyone of them because at the end of the day they will back each other and go against us. so this morning, my dad's fever had put an end to their squabble!

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