Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forbidden fruit...

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest! Well, not that sweet especially when one is involve in a forbidden relationship like in my case. Not that I’m having an affair with married man or something. It’s just that my parents are against my relationship with my bf for no solid reason. It was all caused by some misunderstanding and misjudgments and I didn't do anything to fix it because if I did,it would mean that my stupidity will be revealed as well.But then, deep in my heart I believe that one day they will accept him.I don't know but that's what my conscience tells me.This morning i carelessly dialed my other half's no and pass the phone to my mum.My wanted to call the xxx.The xxx no was first in the list but I scrolled down to my bf's no. and dialed it.My bf happily answered the call with "hi syg" without knowing that "syg" is actually his future mother in law!In a flash my mum hung up the phone and she asked me in a shrill tone, "whose no. did you dial?" .I looked at my phone screen.shyte!!!

I spent the whole day in the xxx anticipating her reaction when I come home.

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