Monday, March 17, 2008


She's right in front of me but due to some silly reasons,I have not start any conversation regarding that matter.Procrastination!Die balik kang baru padan muka!
I'm suppose to write the do's and don'ts of the xxxxx bench that I'm in charge of this month.I need a template,okkk!!
Haven't seen him for today.The thing about him that i miss the most during the weekend was his hand!Just the hand and not what he can do with it.
She came in and i'm a total hypocrite in front of her!no,not hypocrite maybe the appropriate word would be uneasy or awkward?.or maybe I just feel so.okay,I'm just exxagerating!I can stand on my own feet (prasan!).Maybe this is good for me that I don't rely much on them.I solve my own problem with the help of xx and internet and once with the help of a sales rep.thanxxxx hmmm i had forgotten her name.Damn!!I will give them the result.There's nothing wrong with their supervision,it's just me who are having this inner conflict.Something in me keep on telling me that ppl around me hated me and I'm not good enough.The truth is I'm not doing level best.I easily get distracted even by stranger's blog.Reading ppl's blog lead me to comparing my life with theirs and I start to label myself as loser!I'm pathetic.menyampah,again...

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