Monday, March 17, 2008

sambungan meyampah!!

Haaaaa br je td I kata my presentation maybe kne postpone?I was right!!!menyampah tak?

Alamak Mrs J is here today laaa.She's my colleague and her husband works in ministry of ape ntah but he's in charge of foreign workers so my mum was thinking maybe she can help us to get in the two monkeys yang aritu dah elok2 dok sini dgn permit and then gatai balik sana and didn't showed up as promised.So my mum dgn penuh sakit hatinya telah meng-cancel-kan their working permit.and now dua ekoq tu nk masuk balik and my mum nk dorang gak because they can do work!I do not know how to talk to her,I mean to talk about this le kann...but I have to because cant stand to see my parents berhempas pulas sbb not enough workers kannnn...

I nak bli 2 buku travelog haji,one for me and one for my best friend tp mcm biasalah tak beli2 jugak!!meyampah okkk...My best friend's birthday is in this month but I forgot the date..boleh tak?but then I thought maybe it is better to wish someone a belated birthday rather than simply wish them on the wrong day!so should I just wish and give her the present on 1st of april?

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